Language and Cognition Department, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
 by Mark Dingemanse

Entries — October 2010

The story so far, and looking into the future

The first few months of the L&C Field Manuals and Stimulus Materials website have been above expectations. We think it’s time for some preliminary statistics and an improvement: “recommend thisMore →

Two classics now online: BowPed and Cut and Break

Two L&C field manual entries that have seen particularly wide circulation over the years are the Topological Relations Picture Series, affectionately known as BowPed after its authors, and the CutMore →

Topological Relations (BowPed)

This task is designed to elicit expressions of spatial relations. It was originally designed by Melissa Bowerman for use with young children, but was then developed further by Bowerman inMore →

Cut and Break Clips

How do different languages treat a particular semantic domain? It has already been established that languages have widely varied words for talking about “cutting” and “breaking” things: for example, EnglishMore →