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All systems up and running

In the past two weeks we have experienced some problems with the L&C Field Manuals and Stimulus Archives website due to a server crash. No data was lost, but theMore →

Early years now available

The earliest Language and Cognition field guides date back to 1992, when the L&C department was still known as the Cognitive Anthropology Research Group. While some of these early materialsMore →

Volumes 1995 and 1996 now available

We’ve just added fourteen new entries from the 1995 and 1996 L&C Field Manuals. The materials range from a cross-linguistic questionnaire on demonstratives (Pederson & Wilkins) to the Enter-exit animationsMore →

Entries from 1999 Field Manual now available

We’ve just added a dozen entries from the 1999 Field Manual. These include questionnaires on Motion Lexicalisation and Motion Description, Event Integration and Demonstratives. There is also some unique elicitationMore →

Recent additions

We’ve just made available a number of new entries: sharing among children across cultures, a task for cross-cultural research on prosociality; folk definitions of ideophones, a field method for collectionMore →

Fourteen new entries available

We just made available fourteen new entries from the 2001 volume of the L&C Field Manuals. This includes video-based elicitation tasks (Event triads, Staged events), methods for building video corporaMore →

Now known as the Language & Cognition Department

The Language & Cognition Group is now known as the Language & Cognition Department, due to an institutional reorganisation. The mission statement for the Language & Cognition research program remainsMore →

The story so far, and looking into the future

The first few months of the L&C Field Manuals and Stimulus Materials website have been above expectations. We think it’s time for some preliminary statistics and an improvement: “recommend thisMore →

Two classics now online: BowPed and Cut and Break

Two L&C field manual entries that have seen particularly wide circulation over the years are the Topological Relations Picture Series, affectionately known as BowPed after its authors, and the CutMore →

Now available: Field Manual 2003

We’ve just made another volume available for download: Field Manual 2003, edited by N.J. Enfield. This volume contains fourteen entries, ranging from Folk Theories of Objects in Motion to EncodingMore →