Language and Cognition Department, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
 by Tyko Dirksmeyer

Early years now available

The earliest Language and Cognition field guides date back to 1992, when the L&C department was still known as the Cognitive Anthropology Research Group. While some of these early materials have had wide informal circulation, they have not been available online.

You can now access the classics from these early years, including Man and Tree & Space Games, used in groundbreaking work on spatial frames of reference, as well tasks related to the popular BowPed, such as Topological Paths and Static Relations. You’ll also find a handy questionnaire on Space in Australian Languages and materials for the investigation of motion vocabulary like the Route Description task and the Come and Go questionnaire.

Some of these earliest works were authored by Melissa Bowerman, who continued to inspire and stimulate L&C field manual entries over the years. She is sorely missed.

Looking forward

The materials on this site span almost two decades and represent collaborative work by over fifty researchers. In the coming months we’ll be working on making the materials easier to access, improving ease of use of the site, and highlighting key publications based on data collected using these resources.

You too can help: tell colleagues or students about this website using the “Recommend this entry” link; use the materials in fieldwork classes; or conduct your own cross-linguistic studies with these resources. If you have already used the materials, we’d love to learn about your experiences. Thank you for sharing!

Mark Dingemanse
for the L&C Field Manuals editorial team

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