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 by Gunter Senft

Pioneers of Island Melanesia (3 entries)

The Pioneers of Island Melanesia project (2002-2005) investigated the deep prehistory of Island Melanesia by combining insights from linguistics, genetics, archaeology, and biological anthropology.

(3 entries)

Island Melanesia Project

The Island Melanesia project was initiated to collect data on the little-known Papuan languages of Island Melanesia, and to explore the origins of and relationships between these languages. The projectMore →

Lexical Comparison Between Papuan Languages: Inland Bird and Tree Species

The Pioneers project seeks to uncover relationships between the Papuan languages of Island Melanesia. One basic way to uncover linguistic relationships, either contact or genetic, is through lexical comparison. WeMore →

Melanesian Kinship and Culture

Kin terminology structure and other social and cultural traits cluster in particular ways on a global level, such that “disharmonic” features can be interpreted as retentions of earlier systems, resultingMore →