Language and Cognition Department, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
 by Gertie Hoymann

Regulations on use

This website and the materials herewith supplied have been developed by members of the Language and Cognition Department of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (formerly the Cognitive Anthropology Research Group). In a number of cases materials were designed in collaboration with staff from other MPI groups.

Proper attribution

Any use of the materials should be acknowledged in publications or other distributed material. Entries have been developed by different individuals. Please cite authors as indicated on the webpage and front page of the PDF entry. Use of associated stimuli should also be cited by acknowledging the field manual entry. Intellectual property rights are hereby asserted.

No redistribution

We urge you not redistribute these files yourself; instead point people to the appropriate page on the Field Manual archives site. This is important for the continuing presence of the website. We will be updating materials, correcting errors and adding information over time. The most recent versions of materials can always be found on our website.

Be in touch

The materials are being released in the spirit of intellectual co-operation. In some cases the authors of entries have not had the chance to publish results yet. It is expected that users will share results garnered from use of these materials in free intellectual exchange before publication. You are encouraged to get in touch with us if you are going to use these materials for collecting data. These manuals were written intended as working documents for internal use only. They were supplemented by verbal instructions and additional guidelines in many cases. We can provide additional advice and guidance.

The contents of manuals, entries therein and field-kit materials are modified from time to time, and this provides an additional motivation for keeping close contact with the Language and Cognition Department. We would welcome suggestions for changes and additions, and comments on the viability of different materials and techniques in various field situations.